Reline Existing Chimneys

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Reline Existing Chimneys

Reline Existing Chimneys

The Fire Works we are able to reline your existing chimney.

Problems with your lining can lead to smoke and fumes leaking into rooms in your building, it can likewise lead to condensates or tar seeping through your walls or if the flue is too cold (particularly on an outside wall) it will not draw properly.

We will discuss the best options for you, when it comes to relining your chimney and you will have a long lasting durable result.

We work across North Devon & Cornwall and can reline your chimney, ensuring your safety and the continual efficiency of your chimney.

What we do …

The Fire Works Specialises in Wood Burner Installation and Maintenace, but we also undertake many other fire, stove and building services across North Devon and Cornwall.
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